Certain majors have personal statement prompts specific to their application. An example of an I arrival record can be found here. Our admission specialists will determine whether the credits are transferable to the UW. Often with proactive planning, the same course can fulfill multiple degree requirements. Any document submitted to the Office of Admissions to supplement the application becomes part of the official admissions record and cannot be released back to the student. What is there to do in the greater Seattle area?

The application of previous undergraduate-level courses toward graduation requirements will be determined by program faculty and advisors. While enrolling at the University, is there a minimum of courses that a student needs to take in order to stay enrolled? Lab Science If taken in high school: Download your College Dictionary. To learn more about the design portfolio, click here. You may also call the Admissions Office at or email us at uwbinfo uw. Spring Quarter Transcript Request:

First Year Students Your Application. Who teaches UW Bothell classes? Completion of CADR or core subject requirements see below. UW Bothell does convenient on-site admission advising at many Western Washington community colleges.

Transfer Students – Undergraduate Admissions – UW Bothell

Personal Statement Prompts For majors other than those listed below and undeclared major applicants, the personal statement prompt is the following: If made up through college course work: Presidential Executive Order No. Information on how to start your online application is below. How to Apply Personal Statements. Contact us for information about the most convenient admission advising options at uwbinfo uw. Whether an applicant must fulfill either the College Academic Distribution Requirements CADR or University core subject requirements depends on how many credits have been completed at the time of application.


University of Washington Placement: Mathematics course work taken in the senior year may overlap with the Senior Year Math-Based Sesay requirement. For more information about the types of financial documents you should submit, click here.

Application Checklist

Sign up for any required tests and order transcripts as early as possible to complete your application file. An example of an F1 visa stamp can be found here.

What are my transportation options to get to campus? Click here to learn more about how to apply with more than 40 credits. To learn more about the I form, click here.

Social Studies If taken in high school: Proof of English language proficiency is required for all students who did not complete most of their primary and secondary education in the United States, Australia, Canada, Ireland, New Zealand, or the United Kingdom. We are excited that you are interested in the University of Washington Bothell and thinking about joining our Husky family!

Please note that some transcript orders can take several weeks to process, so it is essaay if you wait at least two weeks from the date of order before asking us if we have received an official transcript. How can I prove English proficiency?


uw bothell transfer essay

Students who have already earned a bachelor’s degree should apply as a post-baccalaureate student. For example, if you completed three years of English trasfer high school, you can use one college English composition or literature course to bring your total to four years.

Choose either 1 or 2 below recommended length: There are many different ways to get to campus: College courses in math e. Botyell your email regularly for important updates and requests for additional information related to your application. I sent you my transcript before I applied. The personal statement should be a comprehensive narrative essay outlining significant aspects of your academic and personal history, particularly those that provide context for your academic achievements and educational choices.

uw bothell transfer essay

You must have an International Student Advisor at your current school complete their section of this form and begin the transfer process in the SEVIS system. Along with access to over 90, books in the UW Bothell librarystudents have access to the entire UW library system which includes over 7, titles. An example of an I arrival record can be found here.