Look at the colour and simplicity of the book, folks! To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. Buku Jalanan Seremban celebrated their days of operation few weeks ago and they have extended the invitation to Buku Fixi. Paling membencikan sebenarnya the plot twist. Until then, I’d just put this book aside.

Our male protagonist, Yusrizan, defines the phrase “love rat” in every possible way. Editing or lack thereof is a much more pressing issue. It’s just that most people are busy with Candy Crush, they will save the battery for the game and forget Merriam Webster in their smartphone. To be honest, I only finished reading because I wanted to write a fair, informed review. And just enjoy the quality.

There are also some unfortunate use of big words at the wrong places – “literally” is used, redundantly, in scenes where the characters can’t not be literal, for example.

Dua bab permulaan yang tak langsung merentap perhatian untuk ke bab seterusnya. The foreshadowing is good, and the execution is brilliant.

WEDDING SPEECH by Khaliza Khalid

Mar 01, Firdaus Abu Bakar rated it it was ok. Fixi Novo has never failed to amaze me. The underlining of this story must be learned and understood.


To be honest, I only finished reading because I wanted to write a fair, informed review.

wedding speech khaliza khalid

A beautiful love story with a surprising twist. Is this a failure of editing? Not saying that it is terribly bad but I just have had a hard time trying to understand and to finish the book. If you are against alternative books, try run meter from this book as you might tweet craps in Twitter – condemning the book for no reason at all. Mastura AR khalizw it liked it Mar 11, Yes I’m making fun of the writing sleech.

The book takes place in Johor Bahru and San Francisco, among other places. A Maim a tree.


I ran across this book at Borders and upon seeing it’s bluish cover i was hoping for some hopeless romantic wedding blues. As I said, I almost felt sorry for her. Amy Amira rated it it was ok Oct 24, She also happens to know how many times you poop daily.

Remember that the story is told in first-person perspective. But when I hit the last two chapters, OMG! Eventually, this whole twisted thing in this book just burst the anger of the reader. The sister’s character description is too exaggerated.

wedding speech khaliza khalid

Besides, this was what the book missed at certain point – true emotion. The main characters lack emotions, physical lust seems to overide them. Pait rated it it was amazing Feb 22, No trivia or quizzes yet. Read it in a few jhalid and whoa! Conventional dictionary or Thesaurus?


Tapi gagahkan diri untuk teruskan pembacaan. At the end of the day, Wedding Khalic could have been a good read, but it is bogged down by juvenile humor, unconvincing characters, and contrived narrative gimmicks. I spent the first three days of Ramadhan reading the book and thanking Fixi for the awesome planning of releasing Novo’s books.

wedding speech khaliza khalid

You’ll need doubled the concentration due to its jumbled story line. Kudos to the writer. Not like the usual happy endings of a love story. Bab-bab sebelum tu rasa macam nak give up dah. And boy do I have words on the incongruity of points of views see below.