It is a lyrical story following a teenage boy struggling with mental illness as he becomes disillusioned and disappointed with various aspects of his life. The group dynamics are also alike, family groups sitting on both chairs and the sand. Such works as this were possessed of an elevated intellectual and moral content that was demanded by the nature of their subject matter. But sometimes, I wish it was a little more structured, I wish there was someone to push me occasionally. Even without the jaunty tune that drives the song forward into the hearts and minds of the listener, the lyrics themselves give great insight into the activities one expected to take part in while at the seaside: About Me Rob Parsons View my complete profile. What can this work of art tell us about cross-culturalen counters?

The fickle detailing of youth culture brought its own in-styles and dress codes. All of the subjects have been painted in great detail regardless of their location in the painting and there is a substantial background view of the Ramsgate promenade. Where the brass bands play: A seaside holiday is many things to many people. The Lost World of Mitchell and Kenyon:

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Mod Speed: The seaside – codes, behaviour and class.

Based on your study of the representations of the Seaside, esaay what extent do you agree with this statement? Here you can buy example essays, assignments, coursework, papers, and dissertations to help guide and support your studies. This means that the album not only concentrates on the group experience of the Mods and fans of The Who but also allows a parallel concentration on the experience of the individual, be saside the subject or the listener putting themselves in place of the subject.

September 14, Date written: With this in mind, contests between travelling brass bands performing classical pieces were organised, to focus attentions on friendly competition. Paintings from this genre were. Richard Searle May Quadrophenia was written inthis was a few years later than the clash between aa010 two gangs in Margate and Brighton but it is certainly intrinsic with this period of social history.


An exploration of Seaside art – from The Open University module AA100.

The majority of the subjects are very finely dressed, this can be seen most clearly in the group of five children to the left and also the large family group to the right of the centre, highlighting the social level of audience the painting was aimed at. Illustrate your answer with two or three examples drawn from the study materials.

aa100 seaside essay

This collection of short stories is esssay of the set books for AA They wanted to know about their relations to other peoples and about the human condition.

How might a seaside resort in be expected to differ from the same resort in ? Notify me of new comments via email.

aa100 seaside essay

This is why I think having supportive friends and family are vital when studying from home… for example, the other night, when I was having a Benin-related meltdown, my auntie sat down with me and helped me map out the essay. Sign in or Register. TMA 05 Discuss how views about the Benin plaques have changed, and how this has been reflected in their presentation in museums.

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Looking good was all important, and being seen looking good required a suitable location to be noticed. Floral silks and sandals were in vogue for the ladies and Oxford bags trousers with bow ties and brogue shoes for the men, brash, flashy and fun.

aa100 seaside essay

Even without the jaunty tune that drives the song forward into the hearts and minds of the listener, the lyrics themselves give great insight into the activities one expected to take part in while at the seaside: February 17, Date written: With the lead character only ever referred to as Mod Kid in the album story booklet and cover notes it may be written from an individual point of view but can be related to by many teenagers suffering the same anxieties as the subject has no definitive identity Danson Brown,pp.


From s onwards there was a tension between the two main market sectors that developed at the Victorian seaside: Life at the Seaside: It is a panoramic view of many groups of social strata and a fabulous representation of life as it happened. Some of them have been reasonably fun. You are commenting using your Facebook account.

They wanted to know about their place in the world. Anyhow, I have much work to do…. Whilst exploiting the welcome refuge from the urban routine that seaside trips awarded its visitors, the different cliques and classes still elected to bring along their own familiar fashions, tastes and traits, which helped define stereotypical behaviour.

To find out more, including how to control cookies, see here: March 03, Date written: In doing this I will be able to highlight that the statement above is one that I cannot completely agree with but one that cannot be disregarded either.

In your answer, consider for whom it essay made, who viewed it, and what purpose it may have served. AA The arts past and present Level: The Times, 16 September quoted by Trevor Herbert.