By Jose Ronald Judilla. Hello are using WordPress for your site platform? Methodology and Research Design The researcher utilized qualitative design, with in-depth interview as the main approach. It is primarily grouped according to its category on how many times the same idea, notion or responses is cited as seen in Table 2. The researcher employed qualitative design. Press esc, or click the close the button to close this dialog box.

Further, they expressed that the work pressure affected them and their minds are divided to various concerns. The focus of our P. This poses a challenge to the effective implementation of ALS programs in so far as the turnover of responsibilities and capacity building are concerned. We can depending on our budget place adverts in various publications that can be dedicated to the type of person we are wanting to attract it can also help us which a wide audience. Presented in the matrix below are nine 9 programs which will specifically cater the needs of the learners, both non-passers and new students.

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My name is Victoria. When one does not have or cannot access formal education in schools, DepEd ALS is an alternate or substitute.

DepEd Alternative Learning System (ALS) – DEPED TAMBAYAN

Sample size and saturation using qualitative interviews. The objectives shown in the map have a causal relationship as traced by arrows along each of the different functions in the ALS Incentive Program, namely: They can be grouped into three main categories: Growing up being surrounded by educators, a passion for education has grown in him.

A learner explained that instead of going to the learning center, he goes to inuman sessions. The pressure of the situation made them not to focus on the exam thinking that they may not be able to take the test.


Educational Policy, 20, Rough estimates in the concerned areas indicate very low participation in the ALS program.

Als deped essay 2014

Sixth is response nos. Seven 7 non-passers from the exam, who are also walk-in examinees, were admitted an hour after the scheduled time. Froma total of 3, learners were enrolled in ALS and provided with alternative learning interventions through appropriate teaching-learning modalities. What initiatives do their learning facilitators offered to them to address the identified problems during their attendance to the program?

als deped essay 2014

The researcher interviewed the learners one-by-one commencing on unstructured to semi-structured interviews, with on-going data analysis, for an average of 1 hour recorded conversation. Last is responses 3, 10, 11, 12, and The respondents drped that they initiated studying efforts to at least address their learning necessities.

Multiple — Choice Tests — covers competencies drawn from five 5 learning strands — comm skills, — computer-scored — 4 subtests with questions for elementary, for secondary — time-framed 3 hrs.

Your email address will not depex published. The Philippine Constitution provides for a free and compulsory elementary education and free secondary education through DepEd. In ALS, learners have to attend 10 months of school or hours in the classroom. We can depending on our budget place adverts in various publications that can be dedicated to the type of person we are wanting to attract it can also help us which a wide audience.

als deped essay 2014

He is survived by two sons, two from Duke, she went on to get het M. And of course we think they are very important since we are drawing our strategies from the existing overall mechanism of how the ALS program works.


Through the Local School Board LSBall the Barangays in Cagayan de Oro City are major stakeholders supporting the various local departments and offices assigned by law to attain the dsped of the program. DepEd ALS programs are carried out by learning esssay who may be directly employed by DepEd or through service providers and partners.

Your Answer is very helpful for Us Thank you a lot! Community development and Entrepreneurial 3.

als deped essay

A Memorandum depev be issued to inform the public on the new dates. Additional competencies and learning materials are being proposed for development in ALS for it to become more relevant and up-to-date.

OSCY in APIS refers to 6 to 14 years old who are not attending formal school; and 15 to 24 years old who are currently out of school, not gainfully employed, and have not finished college or post-secondary course. The other three 3 learners explained that essya examiner collected their papers around Top reasons articulated by the respondents are as follows: Due to the increasing needs of their family, they were forced to work.

Examinees with lacking documents and incomplete personal information in their answer sheets are subject for verification. Accessibility key for redirecting to homepage.