Managers and supervisors have a key role to play in ensuring that work is carried out safely. What is ‘Stressed Skin’ construction? Appropriate guidance and training and drills should be provided by the maintenance organization. Guys, Anyone completed modules 6,7 and 8 lately? What are the human factors effecting the maintenance? The pilot reports a burning smell from the flight deck air conditioning system. The amount of vibration detected in the cochlea depends on the volume and pitch of the original sound.

Even though this stage is characterized by brain activity similar to a person who is awake, the person is even more difficult to awaken than stage 4. Thanks Brother you have Provided very. It must also be arranged so that it does not reflect off surfaces near where the engineer is working causing indirect or reflected glare. You should know Selective attention cocktail party effect , Divided attention , Focused attention , Sustained attention and that attention is influenced by arousal level and stress. Incident reporting schemes such as MORS do this for the industry as a whole.

Warning sign must attract an engineers attention!

Whereas individualism encourages independence, teams are associated with interdependence and working together in some way to achieve one or more goals.

Newer Post Older Post Home. It is likely that some form of hearing protection should be carried with them at all times factoors, as a rule of thumb, used when remaining in an area where normal speech cannot be heard clearly at 2 meters.

Sleep is even deeper and the sleeper is now quite unresponsive to external stimuli and so is difficult to wake.


This will be adjusted from actual fees. His comprehension may be that the lavatory fill cap could be missing or the drain line leaking. Good eyesight is of prime importance in visual inspection! List NDT techniques commonly used for inspecting aircraft structure and components. Eating regular meals and a well-balanced diet Taking regular exercise exercise sufficient to double the resting pulse rate for 20 minutes, three times a week is often recommended Ppart smoking Sensible alcohol intake for men, this is no more than 3 – 4 units a day or 28 per week, where a unit is equivalent to half a pint of beer or a glass of wine or spirit Stress: This might be actual pressure where clearly specified deadlines are imposed by an external source e.

Where procedures allow some leeway, aircraft maintenance engineers often develop their own strategies or preferred way of carrying out a task – Rule of thumb 99 addition, engineers may pick up some bad rules, leading essag bad habits during their working life Errors Associated With Humsn Inspection: They are poor at distinguishing one detail, but good at detecting movement in the edge of the visual held peripheral vision.

EASA Questions: EASA Essay Paper Module 10, Module 9 & Module 7

The primary objective of handovers is to ensure that all necessary information is communicated between the out-going and in-coming personnel. Good stress management techniques include: Anonymous 23 October at Heart rate, blood pressure and body temperature continue to drop. Incident reporting schemes such as MORS do this for the industry as a whole. Much of flight operations are characterized by synchronous, face-to-face communications, or immediate voice communications e.


Sleep is characterized by five stages of sleep: Thank you so much for such a great article.

easa part 66 module 9 human factors essay

Lack of awareness Think of what may occur in the event of an accident. Unknown July 23, at After a heavy landing, describe what checks you would carry out including what questions you would ask the flight crew. Visual inspection requires a considerable amount of concentration.

Human Factors – EASA part 66 module 9

However, such a list would include: System-specific training must achieve the correct balance between detailed system knowledge and analytical troubleshooting skills. Aakash Barot 11 September at Factlrs Be aware of how stress can affect your work.

easa part 66 module 9 human factors essay

Tiredness and fatigue can adversely affect performance. Ideally, this should be backed up by spoken details 6 between supervisors and, where appropriate, individual engineers.

A good leader in maintenance engineering is: Use a detailed check sheet. Mechanic Anup July 7, at 1: This is one of the most critical aspects of communication within aviation maintenance, since in-adequate logging or recording of work has been cited as a contributor to several incidents.

easa part 66 module 9 human factors essay

First you must satisfy basic needs like food, housing etc, this goes over safety needs, esteem etc.