All I have is a life! Why Ashwin didn’t do anything.. The following is an extract form the project that was disrupted when I received threatening messages to leave South Sudan. How can you intentionally neglect or break the bone at your back and you continue boasting of being a good walker or a good worker? Updated Jul 17, It may happen that u may not get your aim,it’s obvious,but it’s also true when u aim for moon, if u miss u will land on stars!

How is today’s youth different from the young minds of the previous generation? Thus,the youth has immense power to bring a positive change in our country. This group is loaded. Newer Post Older Post Home. Unlike an ear, a mouth is not a one-way system organ. Due to their addiction to computers and phones they are becoming lazy and inattentive Ants are attracted to flowers of a few plants.

They are less responsible when viewed with regard to the previous generations.

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Talent isn’t really a usedelss factor, in fact, innate talent might not even exist. International Day of Living. This would only work if opportunities were availed on natural abilities and national capabilities. A piece of humour before 23th May Also published on The Text Collector Digest: Braithwaite about whom we read and saw in “To Sir With Love”. They may be Bhavana gawali who at the age of 26 entered lok sabha or Kiran Datar who at the age of 30 started a company called Cyber Bazar which was later bought useleas by largest global player.


Youth are not useless, but they are used less | Sulekha Creative

Must be Powered by Oj to revive i Similarly the number of illiterates in India are decreasing due to the initiative taken by youth. I wish they would get enough credit for caring so much at such a young age. Six interesting things you must know. This has historical background.

essay on youth useless or usedless

In short, the postwar SPLM has made the people they liberated live in in ! Answered Oct 18, Very well written monisha.

Posted 3 Years Ago Nicely written When we start giving the right direction to the youth and start ‘using’ their positive energy in a channelised way,the youth becomes the fountain head of creativity. The youth of South Sudan are caught in between their cultures, the Old Guards and their new world dawning with the world class order.

Yuoth is truly said “YOUTH is like a seed,if we take good care of it,fulfill its need,watering it at right time and put it on an open place than it will definitely grow in a tree and produce sweet fruits.

Uselesd, subscribe, or add us to your browser search. They exploit the youth for their personal and political benefits, not knowing that?? If responsibility is taken as ‘respect for elders’ as it would be in the Indian subcontinent, one can argue that these barriers have now been broken. Actor Francesca Ravera combines classic style and bold experimentation.


essay on youth useless or usedless

Internet search engine and technology giant Google celebrates the birth anniversary of noted English haematologist Lucy Wills with. Well, here is another exercise of excuse. All I have is uesdless life!

Students’ Oxygen movement Blog: Indian Youths are Not ‘USE’less, They are ‘USED’less

John Garang de Mabior Dr. I have no problem with that but the way it is being done in a trivial and tribal forum lacks a national quorum. All they need is just the right direction for the proper flow of this energy but does our society really utilize this energy. Each factor that has been mentioned must be evaluated individually. There was an article by Robert Samuelson in the Washington Post quoting a survey and analyzing how different generations have fared in America.

Ee rot lek piny… from the top to the bottom of the nation. This must be done through education, now that the said war has provided enough raw materials for writing as a business. What are the most important strengths and weaknesses of today’s youth 30 and below as compared to previous generations?

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