Discuss your choice of topic with your career tutor, for example. As a rule, the thesis is done towards the end of the studies. In these cases, the assignment is documented using the Thesis Agreement form. Make a topic proposal, a thesis plan and any agreements related to carrying out your thesis work with your commissioning party if applicable. Instruction on the Elmo student: Application for Improving a Grade.

Instructions on how to Prepare a Thesis Plan. At the end of the statement the evaluators make a joint grade proposal. Request for Restoration of the Right of Study. Applied research aims for a practical application implemented on the basis of some new knowledge. The Stages of the Thesis The thesis progresses in a process illustrated in the following chart login required. We act according to them if we notice plagiarism.

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They draw up one written statement based on their evaluations. The forms cover such matters as the study entitlement, student financial aid, assessment, accreditation, cross-institutional studies, thesis, graduation and the arrangement of jaamk.

The Thesis Work Group prepares an assessment decision and finally grades the thesis based on the ratified assessment criteria and a statement given by thesis tutors founded on the assessment criteria.

jamk thesis assessment

The thesis can be e. The dates of the thesis work group meetings can be found on the Elmo Assesssment login required. Learning outcomes are assessed in relation to the competence objectives of the course.

The students have the right to know how the assessment criteria have been applied to them. Essential elements in a thesis are the combination of various types of information and experiential knowledge, assessment and application of information and deepening of professional expertise.


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Read more about thesis guidance on the Elmo Student login required. The aim is to prevent plagiarism. Wholly or in part, the work group comprises Principal Lecturers. Courses are assessed on a scale defined by the course description. Archiving and publishing are different matters. Pekka Vanhanen, School of Business Deputy member: The aim of the Qualification Framework is to support lifelong learning and flexibility in higher education in the EU area. If the thesis generates new professional knowledge, it is regarded as a merit.

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They will learn to assess the results and present suggestions for further development. The thesis tutor and co-examiner evaluate the thesis independently, but they draw up one written statement based on their evaluations thesis tutors draw up separate statements in the school of Business. Data acquisition and processing abilities, skills to work independently and as a member of various groups, and the practical and theoretical mastery of students’ own professional skills all improve as the studies progress.

Degree regulations of Jamk Research and development refers to systematic efforts to gain new knowledge and using this knowledge to find new applications. Request for certified copies: All library services above are found on the web page: Thesis Forms All thesis forms can be found on this web page. The thesis always includes a written report created in accordance with the reporting instructions.


Read the principles for accrediting theses pdf. Request for certified copies Request for certified copies: The thesis as courses The thesis process is divided into the following courses: The present assessment criteria have been adopted starting 1 August The first step in the process is to submit a request for assessment review to the thesis work group, which made the final decision on the grade.

Make a preliminary plan in your Personal Learning Plan regarding your thesis progress, including the completion of the maturity test.

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Certificate on a Study Period Abroad. The students are entitled to assessmemt resits at the official times specified for the degree programme. As a rule, the thesis is done towards the end of the studies. The thesis tutor and a co-examiner assess the thesis on the basis of JAMK’s general assessment criteria.

jamk thesis assessment

The EQF determines the type and level of competence which those who have completed a degree at a European institute of higher education have.

It accounts for one third, or even half of the degree.