Define each in your own words needs to make sense to you Use pencil. We wrote these questions down in class. Chapter 4 Test Wed. SS — If needed, finish classwork. Pronoun quiz is tomorrow!

Why is the Superdome a last resort? Write your answers in your green science notebook. Label each example as conduction, convection or radiation. This is due tomorrow. This is due on Monday.

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There will be a cumulative test on Chapters 1 — 4 next week on Thursday, January 10th. ELA- Complete the pamphlet for the end of the novel.

Words are listed on page 45 in your textbook. A copy of the instructions can be found in Google Classroom. Use your study guide, notes, class work and homework to help you. What is harder for you? They should have everything entered into their documents by Friday, December 21st.

Define each in your own words needs to make sense to you Use pencil. We are skipping chapter 8 for now and we will come back to it.


Why did you decide to use Schoology? ELA- 5 book thoughts and 1 review are due on Friday, March 29th.

MSMS 7C Math

Test on Part 1 of Home if the Brave hoomework tomorrow, February 5th. Be able to locate and label the countries. Make sure to use complete sentences and use most of the lines. Students can use their notes on the quiz. Add the following vocab to your 2-column notes.

MATH — 1 Worksheet 5. For homework tonight, you should write sentences on your predictions for the novel.


If you have a copy of the summer reading book please bring into school on Monday. Continue on project New due date: SS — Label the Europe map passed out today. Make sure to bring filled in study guide, timeline, maps and any other notes to use during the quiz tomorrow. Study notes, hw, vocab, cram….

After school help Mon and Tues next week. Great work on your travel projects! MATH — worksheet 5.


msms homework blog

ELA- Pronoun worksheet review for quiz. Use your study guide and chapter questions to review.

msms homework blog

MATH — Worksheet 3. Here is a great online game for practicing!

MSMS 8C Daily Homework

Where does Bandy lead Zane? For two extra points on the test, students can create 5 flash hoework for the vocabulary words and write a page of notes.

Separate each sentence into subject and predicate. ELA- Read chapter 16 in Zane. Answer questions in your comprehension packet for Part 3.