Relative humidity and temperature within the protected area based on surveyed observation locations Relative humidity in the area over the MPPMNG protected landscape ranges from 59 to 78 taken at 35 stations from the wet season of up to the dry season of It can be observed above in figure 8 that between , there is not of a significant in forest structure of the protected area except in the south east part of the Strict Protection Zone. Click here to sign up. It can be concluded that the transect points have been some sort of validation points for the tree cover estimates by satellite sensors. Comparison of two proclamation descriptions Mts. Most of the diversity of the plant community are found with increasing elevation. Ecological significance of core, buffer and transition boundaries in biosphere reserve:

A Spectral signature of forest left , bare soil middle and grassland right from Landsat image. Do you know that if you focus or remain in your own little world you will never be able to know your capacities and what you are made of. Elevation change per transect observations The estimated elevation recorded by the handheld GPS receiver is plotted in figure The greener the area, the denser the vegetation and vice versa. Notify me of new posts via email.

This was declared by the former president Gloria- Macapagal Arroyo in June 27, with a total land area of Some of the recorded anthropogenic disturbances observed within the park trail going to Pico de Loro peak both old and new trail have been observed of disturbances e.

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Higher NDVI means dense vegetation or healthy vegetation. From a previous study, the EVI value Y axis of the plot of 0.

pico de loro thesis

This implies that the area receives more light penetration in the forest floor making the forest floor more favorable for undergrowth for plant growth and nutrient cycle. The typical spectral signature of plant material is low reflectance on the visible spectrum of blue, green and red and rises dramatically in the Near Infra-Red NIR region Fig This surface temperature observation is due to the lack of observation on the particular locality and thus are represented in this case as outlier values particularly Transect 22 and Transect The pattern of plant diversity is linearly related to the type of habitat re communities.


The map in pici 12 shows the dominance of dense and sparse vegetation thfsis the two provinces having a hilly to rolling terrain of four 4 mountain peaks shared by two provinces.

Forest Canopy Figure 9. A classified image was generated for the provinces covered by the protected landscape. More understory are more observed where proximity to open canopy areas are closest. Forest Loss and Forest Gain Figure 8. Based on the NDVI, every year, the green vegetation as being detected by the satellite goes up during the the wet season and then maintains it for the whole year up until leaves dry or the plant experiences stress and green goes down during the summer period.

Most of the opened canopy area within the park are this areas in the mixed use zone where that vegetation is sparse and mostly planted with pifo crop such as coconut. It can be generally observed from all the plots that the entire area has a clustered percent intermediate canopy coverage. The dominance of the intermediate ghesis with an average diameter of 20 — 40 cm in diameter lkro majority of lork entire sampled area. The map in Figure 10 shows observed anthropogenic disturbances and a number of them are resource-extractive activities.

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Notify me of new posts via email. Bird distribution and density The number of observed birds were recorded within meters of the transect or as visible or audible for identification.

A remote sensing study in Similipal, Odisha, India. This pattern of herb distribution can be correlated to the canopy stratification to compare plant diversity on a per transect basis. InHansen et.

Burning for cow grazing and logging are the most common type of disturbance within the Strict Protection Zone SPZ area. Figure 13 shows the training sample used to classify different land use and land cover types within the area.


Rhesis greener the area, the denser the vegetation and vice versa. Some of these openings in the forest canopy as validated on the field were abandoned felled logs, and some are kaingin areas for tesis according to local knowledge by accompanied field men.

The study of this spectral response of material was utilized in discriminating ground features and map land cover within the MPPMNG protected landscape. We go trough different types of hardship and pain weather that be your job, your school, or business.

Assessment of bryophytes in Pico de Loro Nasugbu, Batangas.

Please see annex table. Do you know that if you focus or remain in your own little world you will never be able to know your capacities and what you are made of. Land use is of a huge issue within the protected area as there are a number of identified lai a pic a d thus should e resol ed legall a d ad i istrati el i o ju tio ith the e ologi al findings of this report for a harmonized management strategy.

It can be generally summarized that the park is almost 70 percent covered with vegetation and the forest community is relatively intact. The relative location of the SPZ proximal to the Peak of Pico de Loro places a threat to human activities poro to the presence of intensive human exposure. The researcher and his team did a code that will determine vegetation changes all vegetation 1.

Ecological significance of core, buffer and transition boundaries in biosphere reserve: It a e observed that there is a clustering of bird density distribution at the inner central part of the protected landscape.