No performance appraisal method will serve the desired purpose until and unless it is followed by post-review discussion Discuss. What are the major issues discussed under Kyoto Protocol? Which of the following is not one of the main sub-processes of counseling? Perhaps this is the reason for their downfall. The basis for performance standard is: These circumstances were verified by Bhola. He had been offered a ride by a friend who had already punched out and who could not wait for him to go through the punch-out procedure.

COM which has been infected by a virus, you are unknowingly running the virus program, while the original file and program have been previously moved by the virus. Or Do you suggest the measure of dispensing with such appraisal systems? Increase in the average temperature of earth due to increase in Green House Gases in the environment due to human activities. Availability of expert knowledge Conformity of solution with value system Identifying threats Development of responsibility Sundar Steel Limited was a medium-sized steel company manufacfuring special steels of various types and grades. Prakash to join the Corporation as Joint General Manager. Which of the following is not involved in work-load analysis?

And what stage do many experts believe e-commerce is entering? What is meant by Retention Management? Identify the main stages in the process of selection, especially if the candidates have to be selected for slved posts of Vice President HR and Corporatiin.


What can a virus to do the computer? Which of the following is a future-oriented appraisal technique? Assessment of the impact of the proposed project on the environment in general sense. Jitendra was selected for replacing Pravesh as he possessed the skills of managing different types of people under different situations.

They could have considered other options possible also: Ultimately, a manager has to get the work done from people.

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Biogas is fuel generated by-Activity of aerobic bacteria on biodegradable waste, the main gas is Hydrogen Activity of anaerobic bacteria on biodegradable waste like cow dung etc, the main gas is methane Natural gas extracted from the petroleum refining process Burning of fossil fuel like coal etc Works similar to biological ecosystem.

Though boot viruses still exist, they are rare compared to new age malicious software. Two computers can communicate using different communication protocols. Management administered the performance appraisal technique and the subordinates appraised the performance of all these three managers.

solved case study performance appraisal at kalyani electronics corporation

Human resources handbook c. Thereafter these will be destroyed at the end of each semester.

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What do you understand by a digital signature? Assignment — B Question corooration. The transfer of food and nutrition from its sources through a series of organism by way of eating and being eatenaway is known as-Food Cycle. What do you understand by Carbon Credits? Which of the following is not the quantitative method of forecasting HR demand?


solved case study performance appraisal at kalyani electronics corporation

The carbon dioxide emissions caused by an organization, event or production. The TLD appears at the end of the full domain name. Green house effect is-The increase in temperature due to excessive solar energy entering the earth due to ozone hole.

It employed personnel at the lower level and middle level. Examples of macro viruses: Which of the following is not a traditional and highly scientific method of performance appraisal?

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It can do a multitude of things, all harmful. Also point out the process of job description. To allocate the environmental costs in the process of fixing prices of the product and services. All of the above The freedom from eledtronics law of diminishing returns b.

Which of the following is a future-oriented appraisal technique?

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Which of the following is not involved in work-load analysis? The Corporation has the system of appraisal of the superiors performance by the subordinates. Digital signatures are commonly used for software distribution, financial transactions, and in other cases where it is important to detect forgery or tampering.