Printing quality- hardcopy of the report should be printed using laser printer. Title of the article 4. By Abg M Man. The objective of this study is to screen for mutation in the MLC-2 gene of the normal and tumour samples by restriction endonucleases. I see you are not a native english speaker, there is nothing to worry about it, but please note that it is please and not plz. The report of each student will be evaluated by the supervisor of that student and at least one examiner [lecturer s other than the supervisor or co-supervisor]. I am a bit sad to see that you did not bother to follow the links i gave you.

Now it is up to you to show the information we need to help you. Remember me on this computer. Retrieved July 24, , from http: Headings and sub-headings should be highlighted in bold. If the study is the second part extension of the study submitted in the proposal STF , this section should not grossly deviate or is substantially different from the Literature Review section of the proposal STF

Each report should have a minimum of 30 pages including tables and figures excluding the appendix. The objective of this study is to screen for mutation in the MLC-2 gene of the normal and tumour samples by restriction endonucleases. If the tables and figures are taken or adapted from others, the appropriate reference sources should be cited.

Thesis Submission Guideline

Pertemuan terkini melaporkan bahawa pengekspresan gen MLC-2 adalah lebih rendah didalam tisu usus besar tumor berbanding daripada tisu usus besar yang normal. The maximum number of key words is FIVE 5 only.


This section should be written in past tense and passive voice style. In other words, it should only contain a specific and precise conclusion of the study.

Thesis Format Page Guidelines

For statistical analyses, only report the degree of significance p value or F value. If the method used has a standard protocol, state the method according to the existing protocol refer to the guidelines on preparing FYP proposal, STF Statements or methods by previous researchers whose authenticity have been acknowledged must be cited.

Refer to Appendix C. This applies to information from FYP reports and postgraduate thesis of previous students. Post as a guest Name. It, in fact, should be an updated version of the Literature Review section of the proposal. Reference from internet sources must include the retrieval date and URL address, and a hardcopy of the first page to the webpage should be attached as appendix.

Alignment- all text in the report should be in full alignment justified alignment. Abstract refer to Appendix B The abstract must be written in English followed by the Bahasa Malaysia translation written in italic.

Paragraph format is preferred over point-form format. The line spacing that should be used is double spacing including footnotes, lengthy quotations, appendices, and headings and subheadings. For the final report submission the distribution of number of copies are as follows: Margin A4 size papers: Data korpus merupakan data bahasa Melayu yang datangnya dalam dua bentuk sumber, iaitu bentuk tulisan dan bentuk lisan. It is recommended that photograph figures be saved in the JPG format or formats that use smaller memory.


Implications and potential applications of the findings can be included.

Abstract should not be more than one page. Language – The report should be written either in English.

Thesis Format – UNIMAS Institutional Repository

Begin this part with a general statement that can draw the attention of the reader to the subsequent statements. Home Questions Tags Users Unanswered. Key words must be provided at the bottom of the abstract. However, legends and captions for tables and figures, and list of references should be single-spaced. English and Bahasa Malaysia abstract ynimas should be separated. Remember me on this computer.

thesis guideline unimas

Plagiarism is an act of academic dishonesty. Now it is up to you to show the information we need to help you.

thesis guideline unimas

The objectives of the research also should be included in this part. Example can be seen in Appendix B Students are advised not to use the chapter system, but should adhere to the section and sub-section system.